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Fed Chair Yellen speaks to Economic Club of New York about “monetary policy and the economic recovery”
Posted: 04/16/2014

Fed Chair Yellen hints at “stronger capital and liquidity standards for large banks”
Posted: 04/15/2014

Bank liquidity issues studied by NY Fed economists this week
Posted: 04/14/2014

Regulated funds not appropriate for global systemic-risk designation, ICI tells the Financial Stability Board
Posted: 04/08/2014

Bill filed in the House to bring “sunshine” to FSOC
Posted: 04/04/2014

Commissioner Aguilar in speech complains about FSOC undercutting SEC’s “authority in the mutual-fund industry”
Posted: 04/02/2014

Treasury Strategies provides SEC with “game-theory analysis” of MMFs’ run risk
Posted: 04/01/2014

SEC MMF reform update: Division of Economic and Risk Analysis seeks review and comment for “certain analyses of data and academic literature”
Posted: 03/24/2014

Lawyer Melanie Fein, in a fresh SEC comment letter (“Missing the Mark on Money-Market Funds”), criticizes a recent FRBNY study
Posted: 03/14/2014

Dreyfus, in new SEC filing, cites diversity of municipal MMF investors, argues funds should be treated like government MMFs
Posted: 03/06/2014

SEC staff report examines economic implications of capital buffers and MMFs
Posted: 01/27/2014

Federated reviews MMF-reform letters filed to date with the SEC
Posted: 12/06/2013

Webcast of July 25, 2013, U.S. Chamber of Commerce MMF-reform event, including presentation by Treasury Strategies and panel moderated by iMoneyNet Managing Editor Mike Krasner that discussed "The Effect of Reform on End-Users and the Fund Complex"
Posted: 02/28/2014

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iMoneyNet Money Fund Averages™

Taxable (04/15/14) % Tax-Free (04/14/14) %
7-Day Net Simple 0.01 7-Day Net Simple 0.01
30-Day Net Simple 0.01 30-Day Net Simple 0.01
7-Day Net Compound 0.01 7-Day Net Compound 0.01
Assets ($mils) $2,335,151.9 Assets ($mils) $266,716.2
Assets as of last week ($mils) $2,370,717.3 Assets as of last week ($mils) $270,382.8
Assets % Change (1.50) Assets % Change (1.36)
EuroZone* Exposure (03/31/14) $348,285.6 EuroZone* Exposure (03/31/14) $16,992.0
EuroZone* Exposure % Change (19.14) EuroZone* Exposure % Change 2.51

*EuroZone - Amortized Cost in $mils. Enhanced Cash Funds Bank Rates U.S. Interest Rates

Offshore Averages (04/11/14) EURO % Sterling % USD %
7-Day Net Simple 0.10 0.28 0.04
30-Day Net Simple 0.09 0.28 0.04
Assets (mils) €76,092.4 £141,762.9 $387,666.5
Assets as of last week (mils) €77,070.9 £141,201.3 $404,310.1
Assets % Change (1.27) 0.40 (4.12)

Offshore Enhanced Cash Funds European Rates

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    U.S. money-market fund assets fell $39.23 billion during the week ended April 15 – which included a corporate tax-payment day, according to Money Fund Report®, a service of iMoneyNet of Westborough, Mass. more
    SSgA, with a 54.9 percent asset boost, recorded the biggest one-year gain in market share among the 10 largest money-fund complexes, iMoneyNet data showed. SSgA ranked ninth overall with $115.56 billion of reported assets. The 12-month asset gain of $40.96 billion propelled its market share from 2.9 percent one year ago to 4.4 percent as of March 31. more
    From Offshore Money Fund Report™: Organizations representing regulated U.S. asset-management companies are contesting the criteria proposed in a consultation issued by the Financial Stability Board and the International Organization of Securities Commissions for assessing the potential risks to the global financial system posed by nonbank, noninsurer financial companies. more
    Recent gains by U.S. dollar-denominated funds were dramatically offset with more than $16 billion in reported outflows for the week ending 11 April, according to iMoneyNet, an Informa business. more
    Enhanced Cash funds tracked by iMoneyNet pushed total assets up by 5.5 percent or $32.2 billion during 2013, as U.S. Ultrashort Bond funds again led the way with sizable asset gains. more

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