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Institutional Money Funds

Institutional Money Funds

Top Institutional Money Market Funds

*Rankings will display only the master fund from each portfolio.
*Taxable funds as of 12/23/14 Tax-Free funds as of 12/22/14
Prime View Funds
Fund Name 7 Day Yield (%)
Morgan Stanley ILF/MMP/Inst 0.13
BlackRock Cash Funds: Instit/l 0.12
Fidelity Instit MMF/Instit 0.11
Amer Beacon MM Select Fund 0.11
Meeder MMF/Instit 0.11
BlackRock Cash Funds: Prime/I 0.10
Deutsche Daily Assets/Instit 0.10
Federated Money Market Mgmt/Inst 0.10
State Street Inst Liq Resvs/Prem 0.08
Wells Fargo Adv Heritage MMF/Select 0.08
Government View Funds
Fund Name 7 Day Yield (%)
Morgan Stanley ILF/Govt/Inst 0.04
Western Asset Inst Govt Res/Inst 0.04
BofA Govt Plus Reserves/Capital 0.04
Morgan Stanley ILF/Treas/Inst 0.03
CAT:Govt&Agcy/Deutsche GovCsh Inst 0.03
HSBC US Govt MMF/Cl I 0.03
Huntington US Treas MMF/Instit 0.03
JPMorgan US Govt MMF/Capital 0.02
Western Asset Inst US Treas Res/I 0.02
JPMorgan Federal MMF/Instit 0.02
Tax-Free View Funds
Fund Name 7 Day Yield (%)
Western Asset Inst AMTFree Muni/Ins 0.04
FFI Instit T-E Fund 0.03
Western Asset Inst T-F Reserve/Inst 0.02
PNC Tax-Exempt MMF/Cl I 0.02
SEI T-E Tr/Instit T-F/Class A 0.02
BlackRock Liquidity:MuniFund Inst 0.02
Invesco Premier T-E Portfolio/Inst 0.01
Morgan Stanley ILF/T-E/Inst 0.01
BlackRock Liquidity:MuniCash Inst 0.01
JPMorgan Muni MMF/Instit 0.01
Largest Institutional View Funds
Fund Name 7 Day Yield (%)
JPMorgan Prime MMF/Capital 0.07
BlackRock Liquidity:TempFund Inst 0.04
Fidelity Instit MMF/Instit 0.11
State Street Inst Liq Resvs/Prem 0.08
Wells Fargo Adv Heritage MMF/Select 0.08
Goldman Sachs FS Treas Instr/Inst 0.00
Federated Prime Oblig Fund/Instit 0.03
Goldman Sachs FS MMF/Inst 0.08
JPMorgan US Govt MMF/Capital 0.02
Goldman Sachs FS Govt Fund/Inst 0.01

Enhanced Cash Funds (as of 06/30/2013)

Portfolio Assets (mils) 1-Yr Net Return (%)
U.S. Enhanced Cash    
Putnam Short Duration Income Fund $1288.2 0.79
Goldman Sachs Enhanced Income Fund $386.1 0.51
JPMorgan Managed Income Fund $2664.9 0.44
U.S. Ultrashort Bond Funds    
Transamerica Short-Term Bond Fund $3,850.0 2.64
Metropolitan West Low Duration Bond Fund $3,246.0 2.51
DWS Ultra-Short Duration Fund $521.0 2.26
Northern Tax-Advantaged Ultra-Short Fixed Income Fund $2300.0 0.64
BMO Ultra Short Tax-Free Fund $788.2 0.5
Federated Municipal Ultrashort Fund $3600.0 0.47

* Excludes U.S. private placements, trusts, and separate accounts.

New Money Funds Alert

(New funds reporting to iMoneyNet)

Fund Name Date Added
Wells Fargo Adv 100% Treas MMF/Cl I 11/23/2014
Northern Inst US Govt Select/WCS 10/19/2014
State Street Inst US Govt MMF/Cl G 10/18/2014
SSgA Cash Series: Prime Fund/Cl C 09/12/2014
SSgA Cash Series: Prime Fund/Cl G 09/12/2014
SSgA Cash Series: Treas Fund/Cl G 09/12/2014
SSgA Cash Series: US Govt Fund/Cl L 09/12/2014
Cavanal Hill Cash Mgmt/Premier 07/27/2014
Federated Prime Oblig Fund/Auto 06/22/2014
Federated Treas Oblig Fund/Auto 06/22/2014
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