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Offshore Money Funds

Offshore Money Funds

Top Offshore Money Market Funds

*Rankings will display only the master fund from each portfolio.
*Offshore funds as of 04/18/14
U.S. Dollar View Funds
Fund Name 7 Day Yield (%)
Amundi MMF S-T (USD)/XC (Dist) 0.14
Aberdeen Liq (Lux)-US Dollar/L-1 0.12
BlackRock GIS-Super MMF/Instit 0.11
Western Asset Inst Liquid Res 0.08
Daily Dollar Intl/RNT Natixis Liq 0.07
Pound Sterling View Funds
Fund Name 7 Day Yield (%)
BNP Paribas InstiCash GBP/I Dist 0.43
Ignis Sterling Liquidity/Cl 2 0.43
LGIM Sterling Liquidity Fund/Cl 4 0.42
Amundi MMF S-T (GBP)/XC (Dist) 0.41
Insight Liquidity Fund-GBP/Cl 3 0.41
Euro View Funds
Fund Name 7 Day Yield (%)
SG Cash Euro 0.24
Amundi MMF S-T (EUR)/XC (Dist) 0.24
BlackRock ICS-Euro Assets/Prmr(Dis) 0.21
BNP Paribas InstiCash EUR/I Dist 0.21
Aberdeen Liq (Lux)-Euro/J-3 0.18

Enhanced Cash Funds (as of 06/30/2013)

Portfolio Assets (mils) 1-Yr Net Return (%)
Offshore Cash Plus    
Aviva Investors Sterling Core Liquidity Fund £55.4 0.70
Henderson Institutional Cash Fund £372.0 0.68
DWS Institutional USD Money Plus $252.5 0.25
Offshore Enhanced Cash    
Pioneer Euro Corporate Short-Term €1031.8 3.52
Alliance Bernstein Short Maturity Dollar Portfolio $67.6 3.13
Payden Sterling Liquidity Enhanced Cash £5.6 0.81
Offshore UltraShort    
DWS Invest Euro Bonds (Short) €1631.3 4.26
BGF Euro Short Duration Bond Fund €3606.4 2.45
BGF US Dollar Short Duration Bond Fund $662.5 1.67
Offshore Cash Plus - Europe    
Pioneer Euro Cash Plus €1043.9 1.89
BNP Parvest Enhanced Cash 6 Months €247.9 0.52
Schroder ISF EURO Liquidity €945.8 0.21

*Excludes private placements, trusts, and separate accounts.

New Offshore Money Funds Alert

(New funds reporting to iMoneyNet)

Fund Name Date Added
SSgA GBP Liquidity/Prmr Stable NAV 04/11/2014
LGIM USD Liquidity Fund/Cl 3 04/04/2014
Northern Trust Glbl-Sterling/Cl E 03/07/2014
BlackRock ICS-Inst EUR/Aon (Dis) 02/28/2014
BlackRock ICS-Inst GBP/Aon (Dis) 02/28/2014
BlackRock ICS-Inst USD/Aon (Dis) 02/28/2014
Goldman USD Liq Resv/Inst Accum T 02/28/2014
Ignis Sterling Liquidity/Cl 7 02/21/2014
SSgA USD Liquidity/Prmr Stable NAV 02/21/2014
Morgan Stanley-USD Liq/Instit Slct 02/14/2014
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