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Money Fund Report®

Money Fund Report®, established in 1975, is the nationally-recognized leader in compiling money fund statistics with informed analysis and is iMoneyNet’s weekly publication. Readers are able to capitalize on marketplace trends by viewing either online or print editions. Each issue of Money Fund Report® tracks nearly 1,700 U.S. money-market mutual funds and is packed with the latest information about individual fund yields, their assets, average maturities and portfolio composition, plus statistical summaries, charts and tables which highlight industry trends.


  • Insightful Commentary - MFR frequently spotlights interviews with portfolio managers, money fund marketers and executives which offer tips that you may be able to employ to run your funds more profitably. Regulatory developments are another special focus of MFR front-page commentaries.
  • iMoneyNet Money Fund Averages™ - All-Taxable and All Tax-Free averages, showing 7-day simple and compound yields, 30-day simple and compound yields, 12-month yields, and average maturity in days, are supplemented by subcategory averages for retail and institutional taxable government and prime funds as well as national and state-specific tax-free funds. iMoneyNet Money Fund Averages™ are perfect for benchmarking your fund’s performance and are widely used as short-term cash indexes by banks and other financial institutions through iMoneyNet Trademark Licensing Program.
  • Portfolio Composition – Compare the types and amounts of various securities held in your fund’s portfolio with those of your competitors as Money Fund Report breaks out holdings for each surveyed fund according to percentages held in such categories as U.S. Treasury, Repos, Time Deposits, Commercial Paper, Asset-Backed Commercial Paper, and Floating-Rate Notes.
  • Average Maturity – Study the weighted average maturity figures to gauge how different portfolio managers assess future interest-rate changes and are applying those projections to securities-purchasing decisions. Use the appropriate category average to position your fund.
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