Products and Services

Products and Services

Money Fund Monitor™

Money Fund Monitor™ is a Web-based application that supplies detailed current statistical and fund management information at any time of day or night for about 1,700 domestic money-market mutual funds; taxable or tax-exempt, institutional or retail. Complete offshore fund data is also just a few mouse-clicks away. Monitor enables corporate cash investors to reduce risk and maximize returns and assists with compliance and due-diligence reporting.

Special Features

  • Daily, weekly and monthly iMoneyNet Money Fund Averages™ for benchmark purposes.
  • Access to outside indices like BBA Libor, Libid, US Interest rates, Eonia and Euribor rates.
  • Sorting, ranking, graphing and “My Monitor” custom report capabilities.
  • Individual fund profile data pages with assets; expense ratios; 1-, 7- and 30-day yields; WAMs; YTD returns; and 1-, 3-, 5- and 10-year growth rates.
  • Links to access prospectus and other fund information of interest.
  • Instant electronic delivery of iMoneyNet newsletters focused on statistical trends and top money-fund industry news.
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